5 Games Like Second Life

We are now living in a fairly chaotic (and oftentimes depressing) 21st century reality . So there’s never been a better time for you to jump into an alternate online world and start afresh there. In such respects, you’ve probably already been aware of Second Life – one of the best online virtual world games around that offers you a vast sandbox realm to run amok in. Popular because the mid-2000s, the overall game (of sorts) is widely noted for its huge player base, in-game profiteering schemes, and the many weird and wonderful shenanigans occurring inside. Thanks to the popularity, many online virtual world games like Second Life have since been released, with many older titles also adapting to newer player demands. Here are 5 of these!

  1. IMVU

IMVU’s avatars are slightly more exaggerated within their proportions compared to Second Life’s defaults. This implies you sometimes end up with characters looking similar to anime characters than realistic humans. An offer by IMVU even invites one to ‘Create Your Own Anime”! IMVU also has less customized madding options than Second Life. This can be a positive thing since it indicates the game less prone to crashes.

  1. Twinity

Like some other games like Second Life, Twinity doesn’t offer plenty of modding capabilities. Again, this isn’t necessarily a negative thing since Second Life’s mods can sometimes cause in-game breakage. Regardless, there’s still plenty of customization solutions in Twinity that’ll appease most players. The game also does not need the largest user-base around. Yet, people who do play it remain committed to developing this online virtual world community.

  1. Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe brilliant thematic approach assists the online virtual world simulations stand out from other games like Second Life. The addition of more traditional gaming mechanics will even attract those wanting more danger and action amidst their friendly avatar interactions.

  1. Kitely

Kitely is a certain must-try for anybody in search of online virtual world games like Second Life, with an added touch of yet-to-be-unleashed potential. Kitely’s basic account actually provides you with a free of Charge Island to call your own. The overall game can also be run by an exceedingly communicative professional team who, even significantly more than Second Life, have built up a good reputation to be very mindful of their fan base. You can also host your own personal virtual kingdom on a personal server.

  1. InWorldz

InWorldz’s community is notably smaller than that of Second Life. In the game, the players create their online avatars, customize them using tons of options and communicate with other to immerse themselves in social experience. Land can also be much cheaper in InWorldz, partly because of smaller player base.

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