5 Apps Like Sexy Booth FREE makes you hot

Look over the underwear of your pals through the special scanner! All that’s necessary is to point the camera at your pals, and you’ll have the ability to see them naked! This application will allow you to play with friends! They’ll believe you genuinely see them naked through clothes. Everyone will be laughing when you send them your prank photos and make one of your friends reveal their undergarments in front of everyone.

No matter whether your friend is a male or a female as the app works on both and can show you undergarments of both genders but you just have to select the right gender from the home screen.


  • Gender filters
  • User-friendly interface
  • HD quality photos

Alternatives to Sexy Booth FREE makes you hot

1. Moosejaw X-RAY

Technologies of augmented reality continue to conquer the mobile applications sector. These technologies are employed today for several purposes, and they’re mobile games, they’re works of virtual art, it is regional information and navigation, and it is advertising. Dodgy advertisers were among the first ever to master the augmented reality.

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2. Body Scanner Camera prank App

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The application for smartphones, “Body Scanner Camera prank,” was created specifically for those users who do not represent their life without jokes and fun. Prank your friends and family members by telling them that you can under their clothes. Just pick up your phone, open the app and point it towards one of your friends to see

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3. Girl Cloth Scanner Prank

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This can be a comic application for cellphones that increases the ability of phones equipped with a camera and turn them into a full-body scanner. Move the camera towards someone you want to prank and the app will automatically remove all the clothing items to show you a naked body at a glance with some undergarment obviously

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4. X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator

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The X-Ray Scanner simulator app lets you play with your best pals as you can inform them that the phone is equipped with an X-ray capability. Afterwards, use the app to take a photo using the camera and tap on it to show them that you can see what they are warning underneath. This system is intended

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5. Body Camera Scanner (Prank)

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With all its funny features, the Body Camera Scanner (Prank) app is a complete package for those who are looking for something to put a smile on the face of their family members and friends by showing something completely out of the box. Either select an image from the internal storage or directly point the camera at

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