5 Apps like 9GAG

    9GAG is another Chive-style app that enables users to upload videos, pictures, and other content for other people’s enjoyment. 9GAG has won many different awards, including the Best App of 2014 in the Entertainment section of the Google Play Store, and many other top community awards. 9GAG is one of the finest apps to attend if you’re looking to create your day a little more fulfilling by exploring random pictures and videos.

    9GAG has possibly the largest community of some of the other apps with this list, which means you will always be able to explore new content. 9GAG includes a massive category system that even allows its users to explore different pictures based on the kind of meme they’re looking for.

    9GAG Alternatives

    1. The Chive

    The Chive app is one of many top-rated apps that people visit when they’re trying to be entertained. Since its launch in 2008, The Chive has to be one of many leading apps in the entertainment section of the app store and has been super successful. It

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    • 2. The Berry

      The Berry Alternatives

      The Berry is made by the same company and likely the same team that brought you The Chive. The Berry is drastically different from The Chive, though. The Berry gets an audience of women, so the content on the internet site is unquestionably unique from what you should find on The Chive. On The Berry, you can

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      • 3. Imgur

        Imgur Alternatives

        The options listed within our Imgur alternative lineup permit you to share pictures over the web.¬†They’re online image hosting sites that enable you to upload and share an array of photos with family members along with the public at large. Now the type of content you splash onto these websites depends upon you. You can maybe share

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        • 4. iFunny

          iFunny Alternatives

          With over ten million installations and above five million active daily users, iFunny takes the number three spot on our list. iFunny is much like The Chive in a sense, so it has a ton of user-generated content, including videos, images, and gifs, all in one single, convenient place. iFunny is targeted towards a somewhat

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          • 5. Reddit

            Reddit Alternatives

            Reddit is one of the most popular platforms for you to visit when finding and sharing exciting bits and content. It is also known as a social news aggregation, web content rating, and all kinds of discussions. It is similar to sites like Buzzfeed.com but offers lots of new services and features that make it better than

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