10 Virtual Reality Games Like Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 VR’s mode proves that the tech is much more than simply a story gimmick. It empowers the overall game with full 360 immersion, making you feel such as for instance a true horror hedonist. Every jump scare, creepy environment, and murderous Baker member of the family enhances the sale of adult diapers. Resident Evil 7 VR mode is at the moment a PlayStation VR exclusive.

  1. Monstrum

Monstrum is easily among well-known VR horror games like Resident Evil 7 (a title also loved by ACG). You play a person desperate to flee from the procedurally generated ship filled up with frightening monsters. VR interactions are immersive, and you’ll spending some time solving basic puzzles while sneaking around.

  1. Affected: The Manor

Affected knows how to ramp up the jump scares at all the right moments. The game also has lots of memorable set-piece moments that, while linear, will haunt you long after you’re done. By playing the game, you’ll experience the terror, horrific atmosphere and unknown entity in the haunted environment.

  1. The Bellows

The Bellows isn’t as popular as Monstrum but remains definitely worth a look if you’re yearning for more VR horror games like Resident Evil 7. Coming with HTC Vive support, the overall game puts you in the shoes of a person alone in his home as a storm rages outside. It isn’t long before strange events start to happen for your requirements – flickering lights, haunting whispers, etc. wake up the hero inside you and overcome the horrific entity while immersing yourself in VR experience. You This VR horror game is admittedly on the short side, clocking in at only about 30 minutes. Furthermore, some immersion-breaking moments (e.g. loading screens, etc.) detract from the general fear factor. The 2nd 1 / 2 of the overall game is also weaker than its first.

  1. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

The game is the part of the PSVR’s launch lineup, Rush of Blood offers different gameplay from Resident Evil 7 in key aspects. For one thing, it’s strictly an on-rails shooter. Thus you won’t be liberated to roam about on your own. There’s also no clue-gathering and inventory-managing to speak of.

  1. Emily Wants To Play

Emily Wants to Play is among the most used VR titles on Steam at the moment. Much like other VR horror games like Resident Evil 7, you’ll roam about your house, attempting to stay alive as you figure out how to play the murderous ‘games ‘of Emily and her living toys.

  1. Dreadhalls

Dreadhalls is ridiculously frightening in VR. The game’s premise is straightforward: trapped in a dark and treacherous dungeon, you’ll need to dig deep to obtain the courage to flee its twisting procedurally-generated hallways. Dreadhalls is also similar to Amnesia and SOMA with frightful monsters that’ll kill you if you receive too close. Tense orchestral hits and positional sounds enhance the general VR immersion.

  1. Sisters

Out for Android devices, Sisters is definitely an episodic horror title that challenges you to discover the dark mysteries of Aunt Faye’s creepy home. Similar to other VR horror games like Resident Evil 7, the overall game makes full use of atmospheric sounds, scary imagery, and terrifying jump scares. You will also be solving room puzzles and discovering clues giving a view into Sister’s horrific backstory.

  1. ARAYA

ARAYA is definitely an atmospheric horror adventure game that drops you in the middle of an old Thai hospital. Told from the perspectives of three characters, you’ll explore abandoned rooms as you try to find out the reality behind the murder of Araya. Akin to a Virtual Reality horror games like Resident Evil 7, ARAYA involves you in various horrific chase atmosphere as you desperately try to flee from monster like creatures. Constant jump scares will also stop you on the edge of one’s seat, begging for mercy. Furthermore, you’ll rely heavily on your pathetic smartphone flashlight, making every dark corner all the more frightening.

  1. Doors of Silence

Popular on YouTube, Doors of Silence pulls you in with its haunting atmosphere as you sneak around asylum hallways and sewers filled up with monstrous creatures. And once we say creatures, we mean skinny pale freaks with bloodshot eyes that’ll make you intend to rip off your VR headset and run for your daily life!

  1. Here They Lie

Here They Lie differs from other VR horror games like Resident Evil 7 in some ways. To begin with, this PSVR game is drenched mostly in monochromatic colors, with a few dashes of blood red and yellow thrown in. It also adopts a more surrealist / Lovecraft-sequel tone in comparison to Resident Evil 7’s cabin-in-the-woods / found-footage vibe.

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