10 Games Like XCOM

Methodical, immersive, and fetal action occasionally, the XCOM series will be focused on Turn-Based Strategy Hall. Indeed, given the immense and lasting popularity of the franchise, it’s no real surprise then there are a wide array of strategy games like XCOM released every year.

  1. The Banner Saga

Turn-based battles are diverse and enticing, and the outcomes of them guide the road of the story in unique ways. Each victory, defeat, and choice changes the end result of the journey, the same as in the XCOM series. The narrative layer is bigger here than in XCOM, but the core gameplay is what any tactical fan will love the most. Be sure to also check out The Banner Saga 2 and its continued story once you’ve finished the first.

  1. Massive Chalice

Massive Chalice is a generational game. You’ll play matchmaker, combining bloodlines and hybridizing classes to accommodate your play style. You can also expand the realm as you see fit, researching upgrades and building new structures. The combat itself is a lot like XCOM, albeit with a bit less variety. Regardless, Massive Chalice provides a turn-based strategy experience bound to appease players searching for more games like XCOM.

  1. Xenonauts

Released in 2014, Xenonauts is an aesthetic throwback to the glory days of tactical games. Fortunately, Xenonauts is firmly in the current with regards to gameplay. A self-proclaimed planetary defense simulator, Xenonuats plays just like a spiritual successor to X-COM: UFO Defense – the very first of the XCOM games. Xenonauts will send you on missions all over the world. It also includes an incredibly cool base management and air combat aspect.

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Tactics’ unique and amazing class system involves dozens of freeform and outside the box thinking when building a team and approaching battles. You won’t see XCOM’s more complicated cover system here. However, the vast amount of job classes ensures that there’s always a fascinating solution to resolve each foe confrontation. At its core, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a tiles-and-turns strategy game the same as XCOM, but with the pomp and circumstance of a JRPG epic. It is a great combo!

  1. Fire Emblem: Awakening

The Fire Emblem series has been under the microscope recently with concerns about content. Nonetheless, the series showcases some of the very most satisfying tactical gameplay around. 2013’s Awakening is my favorite in the series as a result of its remarkable style, satisfying and challenging battle system, and innovative relationship mechanics. Although Fire Emblem: Awakening is a tad bit more menu heavy than other games like XCOM, it’s particularly suited to short but intense play sessions.

  1. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

The Fallout franchise wasn’t always first person. Actually, it was previously a great deal more… tactical. Fallout Tactics is an underappreciated title that does some interesting trying out the turn-based strategy genre. Unlike other Turn-based Tactical games on this list, Fallout Tactics video game is not purely-turn based. Instead, this streamlined Fallout experience offers the decision of several real-time and turn-based battle modes to accommodate multiple battle approaches. Invisible, Inc is insanely pretty, flaunting a lovely film-noir-in-space art style. It’s also a difficult game on high settings, with several game modes to choose from, and the ability to construct your personal challenges by sticking with a particular play style. The game is much differ enough from XCOM to be fresh, but famous enough in strategic gameplay that fans of the series will feel right at home.

  1. Invisible, Inc.

Invisible, Inc is insanely pretty, flaunting an attractive film-noir-in-space art style. It’s also a hardcore game on high settings, with several game modes to pick from, and the ability to create your own personal challenges by sticking with a particular play style. It’s only different enough from XCOM to be fresh, but familiar enough in strategic gameplay that fans of the series will feel right at home.

  1. Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles has been described by some people on Reddit as XCOM in anime style and in a WW2 setting. Much like most other games like XCOM, the game is turn-based, but innovates by throwing in a faster-paced third-person perspective. It also features characters with distinct skill sets, including snipers, tank-drivers, engineers, and more. Valkyria Chronicles has been highly praised for its surprisingly engaging storyline and characters. The art direction is also first class, made all the better with the newly released PS4 remastered version. Definitely an underrated classic!

  1. Jagged Alliance 2

The initial Jagged Alliance was a well-known peer of XCOM with the sequel enjoying great critical success. The franchise hasn’t shown the same lasting appeal as XCOM. However, Jagged Alliance 2 in particular has continued to see numerous community mods released by loyal fans over the years. Many of these mods actually improve the first gameplay by a significant bit. As can be expected with games like XCOM, Jagged Alliance 2 has a great deal of replay ability, allowing players to choose between a huge diversity of mercs to suit various strategic approaches. Movements for the mercs may also be highly strategic (more so compared to the original XCOM!) with each character able to walk, run, swim, crawl, and crouch.

  1. Silent Storm

Because of its time, Silent Storm was praised for the destructible environments which impacted how each tense confrontation plays out. Like XCOM, players are tasked with building their particular balanced squad (made up of medics, snipers, scouts, soldiers, engineers, and grenade throwers). The overall game also features a decent story-driven campaign entrenched in alternate WW2 lore. Unlike XCOM, however, the weaponry and equipment in Silent Storm try to be more realistic, so none of this high-tech sci-fi stuff.

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