10 Games Like Throne Rush

In Throne Rush, many leaders are claiming their rights for any crown. The gamer has got the task to tend his people and protect all of the city walls and towers. The player’s task can also be in order to develop a military and to fight hostile kingdoms to boost their own kingdom. Build your troops selecting powerful heroes and train them to polish their skills. Explore the environment, build your kingdom, and defend it from others. Fight against enemies and defeat them to earn in-game points. If you are looking for Games Like Throne Rush, then here’s a list for you.


  • Real-time Strategy
  • Base Building
  • Mythical Creature
  • Grow Crops
  • Play with Friends
  • Defend Your Kingdom

Similar Games to Throne Rush

1. Total Conquest

Total Conquest

Total Conquest is a free-to-play, Strategy game produced by Gameloft. It is actually available on both Android and iOS devices. Total Conquest puts the player into the Roman Empire’s land, where he must create and protect his kingdom not only against foes but also up against mythical creatures from the past. In Total Conquest, players can construct kingdom buildings

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2. Clash of Spartan

Clash of Spartan

In Clash of Spartan, players are provided a Spartan kingdom which they need to build and develop so as to conquer the full world. Players are able to do that by generating gold and elixir, produced from gold mines and elixir collectors, and making use of this gold and elixir to make various buildings like Townhall, Alliance

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3. Clash of Lords

Clash of Lords

In Clash of Lords, players are because of the lordship of the latest magical village which players ought to develop and protect. Players can be cultivated their villages because they build gold mines which generate gold needed for constructing the buildings. Applying this gold players can construct and upgrade the village’s defenses along with buildings being a

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4. Castle Clash

Castle Clash

In Castle Clash, players are provided their particular new magical village which players ought to develop and protect. Players can be cultivated their villages because they build gold mines and mana mills which generate gold and mana respectively. Both gold and mana are needed for constructing/upgrading various buildings inside the village. Also, both gold and mana enable

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5. Greed for Glory

Greed for Glory

In Greed for Glory: War Strategy, players are provided a kingdom inside a fictional medieval era, which they need to develop and defend on the rival kingdoms. Players can be cultivated the dominion by constructing resource generators which further assist with constructing other buildings like barracks, mitral mines, ballista, archer tower, trebuchets, etc. Players also can build

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6. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is developed and published by Supercell. It is a Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy video game available to play on Mobile platforms. The game takes the player to create his own town with different resources that the player can gain from attacking the other players through the game battle feature. There are different kinds

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7. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

Beginning from a smallish village inside the Stone Age your task is to create a big and powerful empire and lead your people into future ages. To reach this goal, you have to build residential buildings to grow your population and provide coins for your city. You may need the population available to build production buildings to

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8. DomiNations

You can find five different resources in DomiNations: Food, Gold, Trade Goods, Oil, and the premium currency Crowns. Gold and Food is often gathered from different source like fruit trees, hunting wild animals, farms, gold mines, trading caravans as well as from some world wonders which might be built. As soon as your nation has reached the

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9. Battle Glory

Battle Glory

In Battle Glory, players take to the rank of the commander of your army post as they develop their post by constructing/upgrading buildings, unlocking/making war weaponry, and training troops. Players get not just in attack rival army posts, nevertheless, they also can choose to fight various posts worldwide and have absolutely their army control these conquered areas.

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10. Battle Command

Battle Command

In Battle Command! Players take command of the fighting force and so are assigned the position of developing and defending the post of their force. Players can be cultivated the post by constructing/upgrading buildings, unlocking/making war weaponry, and training troops. To have their troops to combat, players can come up with any kind of three options (predefined

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