10 Games Like Monster Squad

Monster Squad

Monster Squad is a Nexon M’s best Role-player Monster Hunter, Fighting, and Puzzle game for iOS & Android. It set out the player on an adventure to capture lots of monsters and train them to combat against other players worldwide. The primary aim is to win the title of monster hunter and show of his skills and abilities. Manipulate the world, encounter rare Pokémon, and imprisoned them in a capture box. Each monster has unique specialties and skills.

Accomplish challenging quests, win points, and purchase different items to move forward in-game. There are lots of cool features to utilize in-game and have fun.

Similar Games to Monster Squad

1. PokeMMO


PokeMMO a new era of monster battles. Stop playing yourself and compete against other players. It is set in the world filled with monsters, each with unique abilities and superpowers. It offers similar gameplay to Pokémon. Take over the protagonist, a monster trainer, and go on the adventure to capture new and rare monsters. Participate in the tournament and win the title of the

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2. Mino Monsters 2: Evolution

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is another Alternative to Pokemon, offering similar gameplay like it. Here in-game, you need to find monsters around the globe. Some of them are simple to buy; some of them are unique with powerful and unique abilities. Hundreds of players have presented the in-game world, and you’re one of them while playing. Assume the role of a trainer and train your monsters

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3. Monster Kingdom

Monster Kingdom 2007’s Turn-based, Role-playing, and fighting game with Single and Multiplayer modes. Hundreds of different kinds of monsters are available in the game to capture and play. The Monster Kingdom is set in a world where monsters and human beings lived peace. The monsters were captured by humans and imprisoned in a device known as “Jewels.” Once the beast is trapped in the Jewel, it

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4. MinoMonsters

Mino Monsters is a fun-filled and exciting game like Pokémon. In the fantasy-based world, there are lots of monsters available to gather, train, and combat. Take on the role of the trainer, and set out yourself on an incredible adventure with lots of objectives, completed by you during gameplay. Manipulate the fantasy world, encounter many rare monsters and collect them to train and use them in-fight

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5. Dragon City

Dragon City is the best alternative to the most popular game Pokemon offered by Social Point for mobile devices (iOS and Android). Jump into the world filled with monsters, each with unique powers and abilities that can be used in your way. At the start, explore the floating city, collect dragon eggs, build shelter, and hatch them to get a cute baby. Train them and involves

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6. Pokémon

Pokémon is a popular video game series by Bandai Namco Entertain. The series brings a mixture of different genres, such as Adventure, Augmented Reality (AR), Fighting, Role-playing, Puzzle, and Strategy. Pokémon Red and Blue were the first released in the series published in 1996. The plots follow the Pokémon trainer, who set out on an adventure to become the best monster trainer. There is a

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7. Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster is the best Role-playing game offered by Sigma Game Limited for Android and iOS. There are thousands of monsters to encounter, capture, train, and battle against other monsters of other players worldwide. The game places you in the role of the monster trainer with a task to become the best monster trainer. It enables you to immerse yourself with fellows and other trainers online,

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8. Dragon Wizard

Dragon Wizard offers an opportunity to the player to become the mighty Dragon Wizard to gather and raise his dragons. Search out the world for cute and powerful monsters and capture them to use on the battlefield against other players. The game is set in fantasy-settings and offers a series of quests to complete. Dragon Wizard offers a mating system, in which the player can make

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9. Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters is another game in the Games Like Pokémon, which offers role-playing, fighting, breeding, and puzzle elements. TinyCo develops it. Both Android and iOS platforms support the game and set in the fantasy-based world. New monsters will be added in-game weekly. Here you get a chance to hatch, raise, and breed strange creatures. Adorable Monsters, Rare Breed, Beautiful Art-work, etc. are the game’s key features.

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10. Monster Rancher

Monster Rancher is the series’ first video game released in 1997 and revolves around monsters breeding, raising, and fighting. There are hundreds of monsters present to encounter in the fantasy-setting to take care. The game put you in the shoes of the protagonist and assigned an objective to collect rare breeds by exploring the world and train them to turn into a giant monster. Participate in

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