10 Games Like Episode: Choose Your Story

Episode – Choose Your Story is just a rather interesting game which could bring in your thoughts the choose-your-own-adventure game books of old (at least for the youngsters from the 90s) though the game features a lot more cheesy romance stories as opposed to epic dragon-slaying adventures. Catering to female teens and tweens, the stories are episodic and its exciting animated characters. There isn’t as many options in the game as you may expect, with dozens of them primary involving the changing of clothes – apparently, clothes makes a man… ahem, I mean lady. There are various fantastic options, which are showing in gold, from time to time, but to choose these options, you’ve to invest premium gems. Naturally, you’ll only have a limited amount of these until you have to begin paying real cash to purchase more.

  1. City of Love: Paris

City of Love: Paris , manufactured by none besides Ubisoft, lets you dive into an interactive drama where you’ll receive to play as the heroine of your story. Enjoy a storyline full of romance and mystery as you visit various iconic Parisian locations just like the Louvre, Notre-Dame cathedral, Montmartre, and more. The overall game also has a cast of well-fleshed-out characters for you to meet and flirt with… and who knows? You could find yourself finding your one true love!

  1. Linda Brown: Interactive Story

Linda Brown: Interactive Story is The Other Guys’forey in to the interactive storytelling business after their very good success with the Sherlock-themed hidden objects game, Sherlock Holmes: Lost Detective. Like the latter, this game features a fascinating and immersive, romance-and-mystery-filled story where you’ll be playing as Linda Brown herself. Meet a bunch of interesting characters (and you may also date a few of them), go various locations as you follow the trail of clues, and make important decisions which will change the road of your narrative.

  1. High School Life

High School Life is definitely an interactive story game that could be somewhat simplistic. Instead of getting a strong and well-hashed-out story, probably the most you’ll be doing in this game is dressing up to meet up and flirt with boys, and hopefully, you’ll get a date to the college dance, be it Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, Winter Formal, Valentine’s Day or the specific Prom. That you don’t get to invest plenty of amount of time in the specific senior high school setting though, despite being fully a game titled as “High School Life”.

  1. My Story: Choose Your Own Path

My Story: Choose Your Own Path is definitely an interactive story game where you are able to choose your own narrative by picking the dialogue option that you want probably the most during, usually, a fairly critical moment in the game. Your choices will affect the course of the storyline, determining your relationship with the friends in the plot, your popularity along with who you’ll have the ability to date. Much like games like Choices or Episodes, you’re able to personalize your character and pick a fitting hairstyle and clothes.

  1. My Candy Love

My Candy Love a story-based, 2D visual novel-like game that is oozing romance and teenage love (this is pretty obvious from the overall game title itself). In this game, you’ll get to wait Amorist High where apparently there are always a lot of hot anime guys around. Meet these new guys, get to know them better and decide who you want to be with flirt and fall in love with. You will see some limitations in place which means you won’t have the ability to speed through the story inside a day, but that is more or less expected.

  1. Choices: Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play is just a choice-based collection of episodic stories that mostly contains player-driven content and is fairly similar to another game, Episode – Choose Your Story. In the game, you can get to play out a number of stories via exciting characters and brilliant story options with a set of dialogue. From the among the choices provided though, you will find these special choices which are obviously usually the one to select if you will want guaranteed positive outcome but will cost you diamonds. Like Episode, you won’t have the ability to play multiple stories per day since there’s a limit, but when you’re willing to pay for real cash, you are able to circumvent this restriction as well.

  1. Star Project

Star Project is definitely an anime-inspired, dating-themed game where you stand an amusement CEO and manager who is wanting to save your company. However, everything changed once you stumble upon a charming country boy, named Yoon, who dreams of creating it big being an entertainer. Naturally, your instincts kicked in and you start nurturing him in to the celebrity you understand he could be. Aside from setting him up with gigs, you may also dress him from visit toe, and even participate in a romantic relationship with him.

  1. Surviving High School

Surviving High School is a visual novel game by EA Games developed with just one intention in mind – to allow you to create your very own senior high school drama at Center score High during your interactions with the game’s many intriguing characters including some cliché ones like the jock and the cheerleader. Different storylines you are able to uncover through the dialogue options you chose allows for multiple replays as you try to find most of the endings in the game. Additionally, there are a lot of fun mini-games for you to enjoy. The overall game can be quite similar to games like Episode or Choices in the respect that the story in this game is released on a per-episode basis.

  1. Emily is Away

Emily is Away is just a story-driven, text-based game that’s uniquely occur a talk messenger app and has online dating as its theme. In this game, after choosing a star for the profile, you will be chatting with a digital person called Emily to be able to get to understand her better and possible build a closer relationship with her. The overall game is generally not very the mushy romantic stories that you may be expecting. Instead, the overall game has multiple endings that aren’t all positive.

  1. Desperate Housewives: The Game

Desperate Housewives: The Game is just a story-based simulation game that allows you to dive into the drama-filled suburban neighborhood of Wisteria Lane where you’re able to meet and build friendships with the Desperate Housewives themselves, namely Susan, Bree, Gaby and Lynette, in solving various mysteries round the area. The overall game includes a pretty fashion-heavy element as well since what you wear will make an impression on the residents of Wisteria Lane. Needless to say, since you are the main neighborhood and have a house there, you can even take the time off gossiping with your new friends or flirting with the hot new guy next door to decorate your virtual house.

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