10 Best Games Like Homeworld

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Homeworld (Video Game) Review

In the game you play as the Kushan, inhabitants of the desert planet Kharak. The discovery of a spaceship buried in the sands and the revelation that the Kushan originated from another planet named ‘Hiigara’; unifies the clans who work together to build a giant mothership capable of carrying over half a million colonists.

  1. Galactic Civilizations III

Ten years after war with the Dread Lords, both the Drengin Empire and Your reign. Most other races have been either conquered or exterminated. Earth prevails but is isolated behind a Precursor shield. In 2242, the Terrain First Fleet returns, armed with advanced weaponry, determined to liberate Earth.

  1. Sword of the Stars

In 2045, humanity discovers faster than light travel. Disaster follows as Earth is attacked by an alien fleet. The future is a violent one. Lead one of several distinct races each with their own unique style of play. Enjoy breathtaking graphics and solid gameplay both against the AI and in multiplayer.

  1. Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

Modern society has collapsed and humanity faces an uncertain future. Lead colonists to a new frontier as part of an expedition sent to find a new home. Explore an alien planet and its many dangers, build cities, research technology, muster armies, and change the face of your new world.

  1. Stellaris

Explore a vast galaxy and forge an empire. Featuring a variety of alien races and with rich strategic depth, Stellaris offers numerous paths to victory as befitting a game from the creators of Europa Universalism. Venture into a detailed galaxy, design your ships, colonies space.

  1. Dawn of Andromeda

Lead your empire into a dangerous galaxy full of pirates, merchants, mercenaries, outlaws, anomalies, black holes, artefacts, and much more. Fans of 4X games will adore the depth of strategy available here as well as the myriad series of options available to you. Each new system brings great danger or great opportunity.

  1. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Take charge of the remnants of a galactic empire in the aftermath of war. The Trader Emergency Coalition, Advent Unity, and Vasari Empire, have all splintered into different factions. You can choose to play as a Loyalist or Rebel, each unlocking new play styles and ships for their race.

  1. AI War: Fleet Command

“You are outgunned. You are massively outnumbered. You must win”. Follow these orders as humanity has fought and lost its war against the machines. AI fleets now guard every planet and wormhole. As the resistance, strike back while avoiding the full might of the AI overlords. Save humanity and the galaxy.

  1. Endless Space 2

As the leader of a nascent empire, choose from one of several races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Choose to ally, trade, or conquer, with rival empires. Recruits armies and fleets to subjugate the galaxy. Design ships and learn tactics to give you an advantage over your foes.

  1. StarDrive

Create or choose your own alien race to lead into the interstellar fray. Explore a rich universe full of random events, hidden dangers, treasure, and rebels. Utilize a varied espionage system to wreak havoc amongst your enemies. Research technology and customize your ships. Fight battles in the unique arcade mode.

  1. Sword of the Stars II

Sword of the Stars II is the fantastic sequel features new factions, weapons, ships, aliens, and technologies. Fight for or against the shapeshifting Loa in a struggle to control the galaxy. Wage interstellar warfare with a mixture of turn based strategy and real time battles. Choose your target in the new missions system.

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