10 Best Games Like Darkest Dungeon

Made by Red Hook Studios, Darkest Dungeon sees you guide a group of heroes down the dim corridors of a Lovecraft- dungeon. The core gameplay can be an addictive mix of turn-based combat and real-time side-scrolling. Darkest Dungeon isn’t offer pure rogue-like game, though it does comprise many familiar elements that define the sub-genre. To survive, you’ll need to maintain a balance between avoiding perma-death (permanent death) while battling fierce foes amid random battle scenarios. You’ll also need to manage your characters delicate Stress levels to prevent negative afflictions. Furthermore, dungeons are procedurally generated, thus ensuring a great degree of replay ability. Moreover, the overall game features numerous RPG aspects, inviting one to utilize new equipment, upgrades, and items to bulk up your small army. The games like Darkest Dungeon offers the toughness, customization, and strategy gameplay.

  1. XCOM series

You could first think the XCOM series shares almost no in keeping with Darkest Dungeon. For starters, the two have very different themes (i.e. one is sci-fi, the other a gothic dungeon crawler). However, you’ll quickly find XCOM to be one of the very cited collection of games like Darkest Dungeon on both Reddit and Steam. Looking deeper, it’s easy to see why – especially with Enemy Unknown. With the Long War mod installed, this XCOM game changes from vanilla in to a tough-as-nails affair. You’ll manage a heavy roster of soldiers, providing them with time to rest between missions as they face off increasingly clever enemies. Additional classes have already been added, further widening your turn-based strategy options. Like Darkest Dungeon, the mod isn’t afraid to throw you unexpected challenges in the proper execution of new random events.

  1. Dungeon of the Endless

Dungeon of the Endless is a roguelike dungeon game that doesn’t restrain in difficulty. You play as a survivor of a crashed pod from a prison ship. Desire to is to create your path through various corridors back up to the surface. Similar to most games like Darkest Dungeon, you’ll gather a group of fighters to handle off against tough enemies in mostly turn-based combat (technically, it’s room-based with pausable real-time clashes). Permadeath also looms. Furthermore, levels are procedurally generated, thus inviting for multiple playthroughs.

  1. The Spirit Engine 2

The Spirit Engine 2 is another title discussed alongside other games like Darkest Dungeon. There are needless to say some key differences. As an example, battles in The Spirit Engine 2 are real-time as opposed to turn-based. However, like Darkest Dungeon, you’ll fight from a side-scrolling perspective. You can also swap positions among upgradable squad members. The location a character occupies affects the damage he / she dishes out and receives.

  1. Dankest Dungeon

Dankest Dungeon was inspired by Darkest Dungeon. This game bills itself as a remake of Darkest Dungeon, styled after classic Gameboy games. Above all else, you will be happy to understand Dankest Dungeon’s core mechanics stay largely faithful to the original. For example, you’ll have to modify squad members’ positions as you face off against tough monsters. Each character class also has its strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, high levels of Stress may inflict various combat-affecting Quirks. You’d moreover best anticipate to die a lot.

  1. FTL: Faster Than Light

On the surface, FTL doesn’t look anything like Darkest Dungeon. For starters, the overall game adopts a top-down perspective emerge a sci-fi universe. Nothing Lovecraft-dungeon about that. You’ll find it lumped in with other rogue-like games like Darkest Dungeon. That is partly as a result of FTL’s unforgiving yet rewarding difficulty. Permadeath (Permanent death) lurks, causing one to play with persistent fear and care. You’ll also need to handle your ship’s crew, trying to help keep them alive while balancing power distributions. Furthermore, upgrade trees are vast and flexible, giving you incentive for multiple playthroughs.

  1. Sonny 2

Despite being an older Flash game, Sonny 2 is just as addictive as other games like Darkest Dungeon. You might find the graphics to become a little basic (it’s a Flash game after all). However, Darkest Dungeons fans are quick to indicate a similar feel between the two titles battle systems. Fighting is turn-based, with characters having Ability and Attribute points to pay on upgrades. There’s a whole range of weapons and attack styles, including special physical and mental strikes. Like Darkest Dungeon, you’ll also need to balance hits with defense as you struggle to help keep alive against tough baddies.

  1. Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers will appeal if you’re in deep love with Darkest Dungeons squad recruitment mechanics. This turn-based strategy RPG sees you hiring a varied crew of mercenaries, each with distinct powers and vulnerabilities. Who you decide to bring onboard is entirely up to you. You can also equip different weapons and items as you level up members along flexible class systems.

  1. Hieroglyphika

Set in a historical Egyptian pyramid, Hieroglyphika is really a among a type roguelike game that tells its story entirely through pictograms, without any text. It differs from Darkest Dungeon in several key ways. For example, you won’t control a whole hero squad. Instead, you’ll guide a single character throughout your pyramid crawl, playing from a top-down rather than side-scrolling perspective.

  1. Guild of Dungeoneering

Guild of Dungeoneering does things only a little differently from most games like Darkest Dungeon. As opposed to moving heroes down corridors, you are tasked with building the dungeons around them. You’ll thus use various cards drawn from decks to formulate rooms, monsters, loots, and traps. Meanwhile, your characters could have the freedom to create their very own decisions. The process of the overall game lies with utilizing your coaxing abilities to simply help them survive ab muscles levels you’ve built around them.

  1. Mordheim: City of the Damned

Grounded in the Warhammer universe, Mordheim puts you in control of a team of warriors fighting against powerful foes. You’ll collect Wyrdstone, using it to upgrade your characters with new abilities and skills. Much like other games like Darkest Dungeon, every choice you make in battle has lasting effects, including permadeath. Combat is also partly centered on dice rolls that determine your likelihood of landing hits or dodging attacks.

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