10 Best Games Like Bitcoin Billionaire

Ever wondered what it’s like to become a gazillionaire? Us too. But, alas, we can only dream. Luckily, Bitcoin Billionaire helps only a little with feeding our greed. The game’s core mechanic is similar to other best idle games like Cookie Clicker. You click the screen to generate bitcoins, with them to get other investments that in turn aid your income growth. Buying Hyperbits further improves your offline income. You can also nab aesthetic items while winning various bonus Prizes.

1.     Cookie Clicker

The very best idle games like Cookie Clicker always appeal to our base addictions. Also known as ‘clicker games’or ‘incremental games ‘, these titles generally involve you repeatedly performing simple actions (e.g. clicking the screen) to gain some form of currency. That is then used to get in-game items or power-ups that, in turn, increase your rate of passive income for you really to buy more stuff. And so the endless cycle continues.

10 Best Idle Games Like Cookie Clicker

2.     Clicker Heroes

The very best idle games like Cookie Clicker keep things simple yet addictive. Clicker Heroes is not any exception. You begin by clicking monsters to kill them, collecting the gold they drop. You spend that gold buying new heroes that increase your injury to epic levels. Higher damage generates a lot more gold, letting you buy further items. And on and onto it goes.

3.     Tap Titans 2

Like Cookie Clicker, Tap Titans 2 is focused on clicking and currency increments – albeit with RPG elements thrown in. You start with most of your hero, tapping on Titans to kill them as you climb to raised levels. Along the way, you’ll hire a group of supporting characters with the gold you acquire, most of whom will assist along with your idle damage-per-second. In addition, there’s a variety of special abilities to buy that’ll further assist in your fights and create passive income. Tap Titans 2 also features timed boss fights, adding pressure to keep leveling up. As with most idle games, it’s all a matter of rinse and repeat.

4.     Poop Clicker

LOL, we’ll keep this short since the name speaks for itself. You click poop to generate more poop income to get items (e.g. hand, babies, toilets, etc.) that produce a small amount of poop. Soon enough you will end up swimming in your very stash of compounding sh*t! It’s clicky, it’s fun, and the best idle games like Cookie Clicker around.

5.     Adventure Capitalist

In AdCap, you start with a humble lemonade stand that soon brings in income. From there, you’re absolve to expand into all sorts of capitalist ventures (e.g. buying a baseball team, a newspaper company, etc.). Each one of these creates further profits, contributing to your general obscene wealth. Earn enough and you’ll manage to hire managers that’ll allow you to grow your wealth even when you’re not actively playing. The game also hosts public Events that further feed your lust for the money with various themed challenges and objectives. Similar to Tap Titans 2, you can sacrifice your entire stash to be able to unlock special bonuses to speed up your progress.

6.     Time Clickers

Time Clickers mixes things up by combining first-person shooting with the typical clicking / idle mechanics. You aim a pistol, collecting gold as you blast enemies and cubes to smithereens. You’ll then buy new weapons yourself while upgrading various stats and abilities (e.g. increased damage, income generation, etc.). In addition, elite sharp-shooters can be hired to automatically assist you. Graphically, Time Clickers brims with colorful aesthetics set to a futuristic theme.

7.     Egg, Inc.

Similar to Cookie Clicker, Egg, Inc. is a small clicker game that enables you to earn cash by farming various kinds of eggs. You can use these to get unique farms, vehicles, drones, and other upgrades to help enhance your egg production rate. Egg, Inc. also features a reset feature that rewards you with special Prestige types – at the price of (temporarily) losing your incremental egg fortune.

8.     Sakura Clicker

Why click cookies when you’re able to tap half-naked women instead, right? Well, if that floats your boat, it is in addition crucial to give Sakura Clicker a try. The game invites one to rapidly select big-chested anime girls, earning gold as you ‘slay’them. This lets you buy more skimpy outfits for your own hero as you hire allies to improve your attack damage. Sakura Clicker also proudly proclaims to feature more than 800+ kinds of female moans played through your battles. Apparently, that’s a selling point.

9.     Plantera

Plantera combines farming simulation with a clicking system just like other best idle games like Cookie Clicker. You begin with a barren garden, trying to raise new plants, trees, and animals. Revenue is made from either selling your crops or hitting harassing critters to defeat them. As you play, special Helpers drop by to automatically sell your crops for you personally – even when you aren’t around. You’ll thus be freed up to do other pursuits (e.g. planting new forms of crops, etc.), further contributing to your cash stream as you buy more and more revenue-generating items.

10. PickCrafter

PickCrafter isn’t the prettiest looking app by a long shot. Still, if you’re into both idle games and Minecraft visuals, you’ll love this. Basically, you select a huge pick-axe to mine for resources. These can then be used to craft items that enhance your passive picks-per-second. From there, it’s all a matter of clicking away all day, buying more items, and growing your never-ending pick rate numbers. You can also get to unlock special equipment and loot chests that further improve your stats.

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