Top 5 Websites to Earn Money Online as a Freelancer

Do you want to get the freedom of working from the comfort of your house without any stress of being supervised? Do you want to just work at flexible times? Do you want to save the time and fuel required to travel to your working environment?

Well, if the clear answer to these questions is yes, then freelancing is for you.

First, you will need to identify your expertise in an area, then you need to create an account on an internet site for freelancers.

Listed here are 5 websites that will help you earn money online as a freelancer. Want to make money online, here are some best platforms with some tips to start.

  1. Upwork:

Upwork has twelve million registered freelancers at present. You can sell any professional skill at this website. How many clients registered is five million. Upwork enables the clients to interview, hire and then work with freelancers on its own platform. There is a timesheet application to track time by taking screenshots of the freelancers while they’re working. To be able to accelerate the method of finding freelancers, it features a real-time chat platform. Three million jobs are posted annually with this platform. To get going, you will need to create a profile and then find a job you want. Submit your proposal.

  1. Fiverr:

I’ve hardly stumbled upon a freelancer that doesn’t know of Fiverr. Fiverr is world’s leading platform for freelancers for connecting with companies. It starts at $5 per job. Fiverr is among the most effective 100 most popular websites in the United States. You can sell any service as of this website. As an example, you can offer gigs such as social media services or create drawings.

  1. Guru:

Guru works by offering commissioned work to freelancers. Create your profile and submit quotes to open jobs. Employers will review your quote and then decide to hire you. So, be sure you submit a compelling quote. You can decide to be paid hourly and you can also break down your job into milestones and set payment for each milestone. If you choose the method of recurring payments then you is going to be choosing whether to be paid weekly or monthly or quarterly. You can even decide to be paid per task. You must payment options which are paying invoices alone or through Guru’s Safe pay option that will be known to be more secure.

  1. 99 Designs:

This amazing site is definitely an exclusive platform for designers. As opposed to browsing through the portfolios and resumes, clients crowd-source their projects and set a budget. They offer instructions regarding the project. Freelance designers see the project brief and submit their design. The client takes a week to find the best design and the designer whose design gets selected, gets paid.

This really creates a feeling of competition and helps a developer work towards enhancing their creativity.

  1. PeoplePerHour:

If you have skills linked to SEO, web project or software engineering then this platform is for you. This page incorporates something named as WorkStream. This tool organizes payment, communication, and management all in one place and helps to maximize business side of one’s work. You are permitted to send around 15 proposals for work before you subscribe for a premium plan. You’ll find jobs by browsing and also you will get email notifications for new openings.

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