Top 10 Games Like Titan Quest

Titan Quest could be the action game with typical hack and slash experience. The story of the game is positioned in the time scale of the ancient world and we can see the key character traveling through the countries as Greece, Egypt and Silk Road in Asia. Players control the avatar and can decide name and gender. The key protagonist will meet many opponents and use weapons such as shields, axes, swords, and staves. The action elements are common for several games like Titan Quest.

  1. Diablo III

Diablo 3 is just a follow-up of Diablo game with some new features. Players could choose one of many possible six characters to play the game and their aim is always to beat Lord of Terror. The brand new hero in the game is Witch Doctor. In the game, you’re facing various monsters and need to pass four difficult levels.

  1. Divinity: Original Sin 2

If you should be looking for a diverse RPG that’s an unbelievable amount of classes and much more approaches to play, look no longer than Divinity: Original Sin 2! This isometric RPG draws lots of inspiration from classic games such as Diablo 2, and uses that formula to master their gameplay and thrust the player into an immersive world!

  1. Path of Exile

The MMO Successor to Diablo 2, Path of Exile is an experience for hardcore players of Blizzard’s classic Role-playing game should try at least once. Everything feels very similar, from the grid-based inventory system all the way to the globes they choose to show your health and manna.

  1. Torchlight 2

If you enjoy playing the Diablo 2 game, then you will absolutely love Torchlight 2! This game requires a small lighter twist than the diablo series did, aiming to become lighter hearted and funny rather than dark and menacing, but the end result is still amazing gameplay!

  1. Sacred

Happening on a mystical continent, full of all method of mystical creatures to both play as and to fight, Sacred is just a classic RPG which will immerse the player in its fantastical world. Each character class has a unique quests and associated abilities, giving this game immense replay ability.

  1. Victor Vran ARPG

In this action RPG, you take the role of Victor Vran, a legendary demon slayer who is on a quest to guarantee the world doesn’t fall to the forces of darkness. In this RPG, Your skill and ability to perform well when under pressure is just as important as any gear, equipment or weapons you may find.

  1. Magicka 2

Synergy with friends and family or go solo in this fantastical game! You play as an experienced Wizard, combining various elements in order to create new spells to help you fight magical beasts and solve mind boggling puzzles. This game is really an original experience that any gamer should try!

  1. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

In this iconic RPG, take the roll of the world-renowned hunter of vampires, werewolves, and everything demonic. In this Isometric RPG, you will fight the minions of darkness, procuring legendarily powerful weapons in order to complete your quest and save the entire world from evil.

  1. Book of Demons

A lovely Hack N’Slash RPG where probably the most essential elements of the game are streamlined, allowing for a smooth gameplay experience and making the controls incredibly intuitive for whoever has ever played a dungeon crawling game, such as the Diablo series, before.

  1. Grim Dawn

If you want a dynamic action RPG where most situations is possible, you should look no longer than Grim Dawn. This ARPG enables you to play the game just as you want, with players combining all kinds of skills, equipment, and class combinations to create a successful character.

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