Top 10 Games Like Battlerite

Battlerite is a top-down arena brawler and the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions. Games like Battlerite tend to supply skill-based, action-packed gameplay. In Battlerite, quick thinking, accurate aiming, and good reaction are key to winning battles. Jump into well-designed arenas in 2v2 or 3v3 intense action. Use the arena’s layout to your advantage, taking cover behind walls to heal or to read your next move. Champions are divided into 3 classes: Melee, Ranged, and Support. Each champion has their particular strengths and weaknesses and is designed to suit specific playstyles. For instance, Croak is an agile, stealthy champion that can quickly attack the enemy and run away to prepare his next attack. On the other hand, Iva can bombard the enemy from afar with a lot of rockets to deal devastating damage. Champions could be customized with cosmetic items, but at the start of every round, you can add “batteries” to your champion, such as various upgrades to your abilities. Battlerite also features a bullet-time system, which slows down the overall game for only a little timeframe once someone has been killed. This lets you quickly change where you’re aiming or helps you receive a quick idea of where you should go next. Battlerite is tons of fun to play and easy to have into. With simple controls, a nice visual style, good map design and intense battles, quick thinking and precise aiming are essential to winning, alongside good teamwork. While it can be played casually, there is a growing eSports scene with this game to possibly jump into. If you want to play Bloodline: Champions, you will surely enjoy Battlerite, and vice versa. If you’ve played both games or perhaps Battlerite and wish to play something similar, continue reading down below for more games like Battlerite.

Bloodline Champions

Two teams of more than 5 players combat it out in varied environments and PvP gameplay. Bloodline Champions provide fast-paced matches and skill-based gameplay. It’s along with a variety of powerful characters called “Bloodlines; Simple controls permit anyone to jump in and have tons of fun in 3 game modes.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm brings your favorite characters from Blizzard’s games into fast-paced, action-packed battlefields. This MOBA now is easier to play compared to Dota 2 and League of Legends. Matches often last shorter as well, and each hero is of fun to play with.

League of Legends

League of Legends is between the first standalone Multiplayer Online Battle Arena inspired by DotA, the Warcraft 3 mod. It concerned massive popularity and a large eSports scene as a result of competitive gameplay. While it may be simple to play, it’s hard to master. Deciding on the best items for your Champion and working as a group is important to win matches.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is among the biggest MOBAs out there. With great visuals, teamwork-based gameplay and tons of tournaments all around the world, Dota 2 is not going anywhere anytime soon. All characters are unlocked right away, giving a straight ground for many players.


A unique take on the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre, SMITE puts you in third-person view and in control of characters from multiple mythologies. Throw bolts of lightning as Zeus or charge through the battlefield as Athena. It’s a great take on the MOBA genre that gives a whole different amount of tactical gameplay.


Vainglory takes the MOBA genre from PC to iOS and Android devices. Its simplified gameplay makes it lots of fun to play even for those who are new to the genre. Add to that the pleasing cartoony graphics and good level design, you’ve got yourself a great MOBA that you can play anywhere on the go.


Gigantic is a beautiful, fun and dynamic game, designed to be not merely visually stunning, but additionally addicting to play. In this multiplayer online battle arena, you form teams with other players and do battle against each other to prove who has the most mastery over these unique and quirky heroes!


Get into Epic Game’s free-to-play third-person MOBA made on the great Unreal Engine 4. In Paragon, objectives are just like your regular MOBA, however, the gameplay is combined with an original Card system vital to your success. Create various decks that consist of special abilities that your character can use in battle.


Awesomenauts has a unique method by turning the MOBA genre into an enjoyable 2D game that mixes side-scrolling with platforming and MOBA gameplay elements. Two teams of 3 players fight their way in lovely 2D action, manually aiming at each other. You can even create your own maps using the game’s built-in map editor.

Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth is a MOBA that isn’t as popular since the big names of the genre but continues to be worth giving a go. A casino game mode not noticed in other MOBAs is Capture the Flag. In this intense game mode, 2 teams of 5 players have to seize and return the opposing team’s flag.

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