Games Like Y’s

Games like Ys will be the games that induce new genres entirely. From Nihon Falcom, Ys started as their first title in 1987 and since that time has continued to develop as a franchise. Spawning new games and remakes that continue today it has transformed into the quintessential exemplary instance of a good action JRPG. Yet you’ve got to wonder this, are their titles that are just like Ys available on the planet of games?

Similar Games to Ys


Taking place many months after the title Okami, our story is targeted on a brand new protagonist, the son of Amaterasu named Chibiterasu. Our young god has been summoned by Sakuya more by accident as Sakuya had hoped to summon the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. However, like Amaterasu, Chibiterasu has the ability of the Celestial Brush. While Chibiterasu’s brush may lack the same power as his parent, it’s still capable of allowing the planet to be shaped with every artistic stroke he makes. Alongside a young child by the name of Kuni, they’ll set forth to stop a good new evil that plagues the land. While both warriors are young of course, they’ll soon prove they have the method of becoming legends themselves.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Two young protagonists are about to be on a journey that will change their lives forever. Estelle Bright, the daughter to a mythical Bracer named as Cassius, and Joshua Bright a man taken in by Cassius when he was a kid, will fighting becoming Bracers themselves leading them to their destined journey. Given a mission to explore an ancient area alongside an investigator, Estelle and Joshua commence seeing a dark plot is formed. Both Estelle and Joshua will quickly stumble in on a mission that will even be too large for those two young Bracers but from the support of friends and others who wish to assists they might just manage to survive. The tale of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky starts now.


Zenonia is targeted on a young man named Regret. Having no memory of his path, Regret is adopted by a person called Pardon for unknown reasons. One day Pardon is killed by a powerful demon forcing Regret to go forth looking for what killed his adopted father. On the way, Regret will face against evils all while discovering his past. Regret will learn what Pardon was hiding from him and the reasons why. As Regret gets further into his tale he is likely to be given choices to ascertain his fate. Will he side with the forces of good or allow his heart and soul to venture towards the dark? Allow tale of Zenonia starts here.


In the Elf clan, there exists a young man named Alundra. Being among the Dreamwalkers, he continues to own dreams that show someone referring Alundra as a Releaser. Apparently, Alundra is the only person capable of saving a village from an evil force called Melzas and thus decides to set off on a journey to complete just that. However, while on a ship heading to his destination the ship is caught in a violent storm and Alundra finds himself on a strange island. Saved by a person called Jess, Alundra is then tasked with using his Dreamwalkers power to save lots of Jess’s village from having constant nightmares that lead to death for some. Alundra’s powers are likely to be tested as he ventures to the nightmares that may kill those who fall victim to the creatures and evil that exist within them.


Bastion takes place in a fantasy world where an event called the Calamity befell the world. The city of Caelondia along with various villages throughout have found their homes and lives nearly destroyed as they’ve literally separated into floating islands. The Kid, our main character, awakens hearing a narrator explain how he’s on a random bit of the world. The Kid will see his journey ultimately causing a placed called The Bastion, where humanity may have to be able to find salvation and survival. Upon arriving there he learns of various powers that may allow the planet to be rebuilt into its former state. However, The Kid will see his path isn’t easy as evil like beings exists from the Calamity, he will have to depend on his smarts…along with his large hammer and gun to survive.

The Legend of Zelda: A Connect to the Past

Needing hardly any introduction, we end our recommendation list with The Legend of Zelda: A Connect to the Past. A son named Link is awoken by a speech heard only by him from the Princess named Zelda. The princess begs Link to save lots of her from her imprisonment leaving Connect to oppose to his Uncle’s request to remain home. At the castle, Link finds his Uncle died from severe wounds. Link’s Uncle gives him his sword and shield and asks Link to save lots of Zelda. Armed along with his Uncle’s dying wish and his armament, Link’s quest starts as he enters the castle to save lots of Zelda from the evil forces that have kidnapped her.

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