Games Like The Oregon Trail

Players love to manage to craft their particular stories in video games. The capacity to manipulate a character’s fate is addictive and enjoyable. Proper you get to witness your actions and how they play out you’re either left extremely happy or wanting to restart to redo it again, sometimes even if everything goes your way. This is exactly why The Oregon Trail games were so enjoyable to gamers. With a mixture of smart choices and sometimes random outcomes, The Oregon Trail franchise happens to be a pleasurable adventure game series.

Similar Games to The Oregon Trail

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

In Organ Trail: Director’s Cut players assume the role of certainly one of three survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. The survivors—a cop, lawyer, and Clerk—must take a wagon and travel throughout the United States. Their goal is always to hopefully reach an area clear of the zombies that roam the world. On the way, they will have to survive various trials and tribulations that will derail their journey. Will they survive the journey or join the zombie army?

The Banner Saga

In a Viking inspired world, two different characters are facing an odd world. With sunlight having been stuck in the exact same place creating an odd twilight has enveloped the land and with that, an odd ancient race called the Dredge have returned to kill the humans and the giant race referred to as the Varls. Now the 2 souls must venture forth on their own quests that will inevitably join them together. Would they save their world or will destruction befall them all?

NEO Scavenger

You awaken in an odd cryogenic pod. You first notice you’re almost nude, you will need to find clothing. Your stomach aches and you will need food as well which means you leave the strange lab and head out. However, you find the entire world is nothing like you remember and something is apparently lurking near you. Facing this post-apocalyptic world to survive you will have to be smart and be ready for anything.

The Flame in the Flood

After a terrible flood Scout—our young protagonist—now must travel on a raft with her dog named Aesop. America has become a series of islands thanks to the flood and Scout must navigate around in search of food and resources to help keep her and Aesop alive. With terrible weather and the chance of hunger, Scout’s adventure is likely to be on of pure survival. Can those two friends ensure it is in such a harsh world? Find out in The Flame in the Flood.

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut

At one time your apartment was a real sanctuary. Proper days went by and supplies began to dwindle your apartment was now a prison where death seems imminent. You know you need to go outside and seek out supplies, it needs to be done. However, those things…they wait outside and they want to kill you. You merely have two options: die in your apartment as you go out of food or die outside from those things…

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

Three travelers on are traveling the in the west. Relying on the trust wagon, these three souls must fight from the harsh wilderness as best because they can. Armed with various guns and with the possible way to get stronger, the three survivors may manage to survive their journey. However, as with any journey, there are always unknown variables that could impede progress. Can these travelers survive and ensure it is for their destination?

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