Games Like Shadow of the Colossus

You wander an open field for what appears like minutes, nothing in sight but beautiful mountains and lush vistas populated by nothing but sounds and your own personal horse’s gallops. Finally, you reach what seems just like a climbable cliff, you remove yourself from your own horse and climb despite your hands getting a number and weaker with each minute that passes. You finally reach the summit and observe that the once unpopulated landscape has been hiding a huge massive creature that you will be tasked with taking down to save lots of your love that is the essence of the amazing game referred to as Shadow of The Colossus. Such as the journey you ingest Shadow of the Colossus, we at Just Alternative To took our personal journey into crafting an inventory just as epic and breathtaking as the overall game featured here today. That’s right everyone, recommendation list is Games Like Shadow of the Colossus.

Similar Games to Shadow of the Colossus

The Last Guardian

Many years ago, something very odd occurred for your requirements and the memory never fades. When you were a child you were thrown into a peculiar circular area. It doesn’t take long for your eyes to target on a large cat-like bird that is chained up. Deciding to greatly help it and then named it Trico, both of you begin to truly have a bond as you escape this odd area and will come to depend on one another for support. You and Trico should prepare yourself though as the environmental surroundings and its enemies don’t desire your escape to be always a simple one.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

When Nathan Drake’s brother returns from what seems just like the dead, it would appear that Nathan is once more bought into the planet of adventurer one last time. Nathan, prior to his brother Sam’s return, thought his cave spelunking days are over. Nathan has settled down together with his wife and has found an ordinary job. Sam’s claim that he needs Nathan’s assist in grabbing an artifact that when they tried to obtain sometime ago and failed horribly. Seemingly pressured into joining his brother—but equally wanting another adventure—Nathan comprises a lie and heads together with his Sam and longtime friend Sully to go on their last grand adventure ever…


Before you lies a huge desert. With no set goal and so the idea, your eyes wander toward a huge tower. As you go along there are signs that other civilizations were once here and you wonder what happened to them. Regardless all you know if you wish to make it to the glowing tower but there are robotic creatures who don’t appear to want that to occur. Now then, are you ready to start an epic adventure on earth of Journey?

Dark Souls 3

The entire world of Lothric is a peculiar and dying land as a result of the Age of Fire reaching an end. This event has caused those who have died to rise once more and become the Undead who roam the land as cursed beings. If any hope is to go back to the land of Lothric, then fire should be rekindled and a brand new Lord of Cinder needs to be birthed. The Ashen One—your character—aims to execute this feat having already failed once. Before you lies armies of undead and beings that are comparable to giants however you must not falter in your quest and must push through if hope is to go back to the land of Lothric.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link returns in a new adventure this time around in a very different Hyrule than fans are used to. Link awakens having apparently slept for 100 years inside a pod of some sort. During his slumber, the planet of Hyrule has been ravaged by Ganon and underwent a “Great Calamity”.Now Link is tasked with somehow restoring order back to this world all while dealing with the forces of Ganon. However, Link’s adventure will soon be even bigger than previously in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Taken prisoner, a new boy will be used as a sacrifice as a result of his odd horns growing from his head. Luckily, as a result of an earthquake, the young boy has the capacity to escape his coffin confinement and escapes. As you go along, he ends up meeting Yorda, a ghostly young girl who speaks in an as yet not known language to the young boy. Regardless, the young boy knows she must help her escape this odd place. However, with treacherous environments and odd shadow beings that appear to want to recapture Yorda, this quest appears to be anything but simple.

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